Feng Shui, Chi Gong and the Lakota Sioux

Whether out in Nature or in our home environments, we are surrounded by a sea of energy the vibrations of which can be influenced and enhanced by applying feng shui.  Continual changes in the quality of the chi in our body take place due to types of food we eat, modern contaminants in the food chain such as preservatives and pesticides, genetically modified foods, every day mental and emotional stressors, and environmental factors such as pollution and toxins from factories and other sources.  Such influences can create blockages and imbalances in the energy channels of the body, and since these channels (also known as meridians) are related to organ function, our well being is affected.  One solution to rectifying the damage done by these factors is the practice of chi gong.  Practiced regularly, chi gong can become an indispensible adjunct to creating a total approach to applying feng shui in our daily lives.  The benefits that come will include not only improved health and quality of life but also longevity.

Chi gong consists of very old Chinese breath work sets that influence the chi in the meridians (bioenergy channels) by promoting the smooth flow of energy through the body.  Chi gong has much to do with accessing the energy of the earth through rooting or grounding, which is a very important piece of this practice.  Regularly practicing chi gong can treat chronic illness and keep the body in balance.  It can be likened to a type of feng shui for the body since we are talking about balancing the Yin and the Yang of our energies.  In the practice of chi gong, electromagnetic energy from the earth is accessed through the Kidney 1 point, located just behind the ball of the foot, and the bai hui point at the very top of the head.  Deep oxygenation is promoted in these ancient breathing exercises and postures that help the body to balance and heal itself.  The human body uses oxygen to heal. It helps balance the brain and can assist with improved memory.

The Lakota Sioux had a practice similar to the Chinese practice of chi gong.  Before the border to Canada was close in the 1800s, the Sioux would journey north each spring to experience the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.  They would stand  beneath this energy field, draw down the energy for the sky into their bodies, breathing it in, and pushing the vibrations up their spine.  The Lakota believed that this practice raised the vibrational energy of their bodies and made them well as a consequence.

For more, google “earthing”.    Also visit my book The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui. See also these books by Da Liu: T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Meditation and Taoist Health Exercise Book.

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Feng Shui and the Hidden Energies of the Quantum Field


   My new book The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui is the gateway to understanding the hidden workings of feng shui. It is about the energy known as chi and how we manipulate it when we practice the ancient earth science of feng shui.  Physicists coined the use of the word quantum (from Latin quantus for “how great”) to describe the smallest amount of something that can exist. They have determined that the smallest particles are subatomic and exist throughout the Universe as a collection of energy in the form of virtual particles. It is these particles that we influence when we practice feng shui; the things we consider to be real in our living spaces and work places are really nothing more than virtual particles of the quantum field emerging briefly and then disappearing back into the universal field of quantum energy. In effect, our reality is winking in and out of existence continuously but so fast that we do not notice. This is where classical physics and quantum physics differ: in classical physics, the observer is separate from whatever is going on, but in quantum physics, the very act of observing by the observer influences the hidden particles of energy (quantum subatomic particles) to react in a certain way. This validates what Eastern mystics have held for centuries: nothing really exists independently of our own perception of it. 

   It is our perception and our intention created through our thoughts and emotions that interact with the subatomic hidden energies of the quantum field to manifest the real results we experience when we practice feng shui. The chi of our body interacts with the chi of objects and living things in our surroundings through the hidden quantum particle field; form, color, placement, aroma, sound—all of these are elements of feng shui adjustment that influence our health, our relationships, our homes, our workplaces, and even our prosperity. The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui explains all of this and more. It will give any reader an interesting and unusual detailed explanation of how feng shui functions as a very real ancient earth science that can create very real improvements in our lives through our interaction with the hidden quantum field of energy that surrounds us.

See more at www.quantumfengshui.org

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Feng Shui, Ions, Plants and Aromatics

Feng Shui and Brain Chemistry

The combined and interrelated action of ions, plants and aromatics in feng shui influences our brain chemistry so powerfully that their use in feng shui cures should never be underestimated nor neglected.  Their combined effect can improve our mood both at home and at work because such adjustments enhance the level of benevolent radiation in our environment.

Feng Shui and State of Mind

It has been said that greatness springs form a state of mind; so, anything that influences our thoughts and attitudes has the potential to assist us with our ability to visualize and to exercise our will through focused intention–all important aspects of feng shui.  Our thoughts and intention can produce structural changes in a gland or organ to improve its level of functioning.  Feng shui’s attention to ionization, the use of plants and aromatherapy supports our positive thoughts and intention by creating positive environmental influences.

Feng Shui and Directed Intention

Feng shui has great power to increase our directed intention by supporting mood enhancement through various feng shui adjustments.  This also improves our health at the same time.  For example, in using aromatherapy in feng shui, high quality essential oils carry electrical frequency that raises the frequency of our etheric body; this then translates into a raised frequency in the physical body at levels at which disease cannot exist.  When we are in good health, we are better able to manifest our power of intention.  The energy of directed intention in the form of brain frequencies coming form higher levels of the mind cause changes in the etheric level which, as with essential oil aromatics, consequently manifest in the physical.  As you can see feng shui is indeed multifaceted and can be a powerful tool for creating in our lives health and happiness and therefore the potential for wealth and abundance.

see also www.quantumfengshui.org

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    Feng Shui and Plants

    Feng Shui and Plants

    The use of plants in feng shui can help you fine tune the type of adjustment you are trying to make in your home or workplace.  Colors, shapes and leaf types promote different qualities in feng shui.  Also bringing plants into our surroundings adds feng shui balance by bringing in the Wood element; balance is achieved from a feng shui perspective because our living spaces tend to be rectangular which geometric shape represents the element of earth.

    Feng Shui and Plant Leaves

    Peace lilies are more Yang with their pointed leaves facing upward, and they can help your feng shui adjustment move quickly because they thusly create more chi.  Where there is too much Water element in your home or living area, prickly cactus can make a feng shui adjustment by bringing balance to Water because they are of the Fire element.  If Water energy is needed in feng shui, Ivies can be used because of their flowing imagery (like flowing water).  Energy tends to stagnate in the corners of a room (geometric square);feng shui would use a plant like a Dracena (Dragon Tree).  It can remove such stagnation because it combines the Wood and Fire elements with pointed leaves and the vigorous chi of upward growth.

    Feng Shui and Flowers

    In feng shui, fresh flowers bring color and are advantageous for good fortune and luck and should changed regularly.  In feng shui, dead flowers or dried flowers should not be kept because of obvious energetic reasons.

    Feng Shui and Bamboo

    Lucky Bamboo is probably one of the most well known plants for use in feng shui applications.  It represents the wisdom of how to flexible and open (hollow) in life.  In feng shui, if one can create a sense of being able to flow freely with life’s changing fortunes, then there is less stress and more chance to heal and become healthy.

    Feng Shui and Outside Gardens

    In feng shui, outside areas of the home should also have adjustments.  Garden areas should be arranged to allow the chi to meander and flow;  from a feng shui angle of vision, garden areas should also add vibrancy to one’s property.  In this way, the landscape promotes healing by giving one respite form the stress-filled, hectic lives most lead every day.  Properly designed gardens arranged according to feng shui principles can enhance the chi of a space and create balance.  Plants do not grow in squares, and neither should a garden or landscaping be layed out in such a fashion.  In the final result, following feng shui principles, a garden should be landscaped in such a way that one is encouraged to linger and be in touch with the mystical side of Nature.

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    Feng Shui, Chief Crazy Horse, Mysticism and An Open Mind

    Feng Shui and Chief Crazy Horse

    I especially believe that the mystical beliefs of the Native Americans have the same roots as that of feng shui.  Chief Crazy Horse of the Oglala Sioux supposedly had Holy Invulnerability.  In the Custer Battle, Black Elk recounts that Crazy Horse rode back and forth in front of many soldiers who were firing bullets at him with no effect.  When he rode back to the other warriors, he opened his belt and bullets fell out.  What has this to do with feng shui?   Everything, for it is on a subtle level beyond our normal senses that feng shui works.  It is all about our intention in feng shui and how it anchors in the physical world the feng shui cures we apply.

    Feng Shui/ Quantum Physics and An Open Mind

    It is difficult for many schooled in Western thinking to grasp how Plains Indian shamanistic “medicine” could stop bullets.  Likewise, it is difficult for many to understand how feng shui adjustments could possibly work.  It requires keeping an open mind to not only understand this but to also make the feng shui cures we apply more powerful.  Quantum physics hints that the body and the physical world in which it lives can be boiled down to a mass of charged particles interacting with the particles of a universal energy field.  Studies out of Princeton support this as both the basis for feng shui and Native American “medicine”.  The studies suggest that reality is created only by our intention acting upon these particles and that our coherence of thought (intention) seems to create a coalescing of subatomic particles creating the temporary order in the world we consider to be reality.  This explains both the world of the shaman and that of feng shui; the two stand side by side and their hidden power is the same.

    Feng Shui and Mysticism

    So to demystify feng shui we must actually accept the concept of mysticism.  This is easy if we understand that there is nothing “mystical” about it in the sense of the word as we have come to understand it; many have attached unnecessary emotion to both the word and the concept.  For both feng shui and Native American “medicine”, it is science which is at work.  Mysticism, feng shui and modern quantum physics merge.  Mystical belief says that there is no Void full of nothingness in the Universe; feng shui says that it is full of chi.  Quantum physics states field theory where subatomic particles full of potential are awaiting influence by our minds or some other organizing force–it is all the same.  Just as the shaman or the physicist, by using feng shui we are capable of “medicine”, of influencing the environment in which we live.  Applying feng shui may seem like hocus pocus, but if we open our minds and use feng shui in our lives, it becomes a demystified key to health, prosperity and good fortune through its influence on our living and working spaces.

    See also www.quantumfengshui.org

    see also http://quantumfengshui.org/articles/

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    Feng Shui and Selling Your House

    Feng Shui and Selling Your House

    Remember when you first bought your home?  After much looking, often we go by how it feels in the one you finally chose.  Feng shui is instrumental in creating this feel. Likewise, if you wish to sell your home, you must depersonalize it after years of living so that someone new can still feel the good energy in it and yet be able to see the potential of making it their own.  Using feng shui is the best ways to create a new energy for selling your home to prospective buyers.

    Feng Shui Energies and Selling Your House

    In today’s tough market, you must give yourself every advantage to make your house desirable.  Feng shui can assist with this.  First pay attention to the outside.  If you haven’t done so already, clear the entrance door of any obstacles (like that special statue you were gifted with that means much to you but perhaps not to someone else); look at the color of the door.  Red is most auspicious in feng shui.  Perhaps place a fountain near the entranceway.  Look at the landscaping; remove any dead bushes.  Try to make the walk to the front meandering so that the energy does not “run away” (in feng shui, straight lines create this).  Feng shui dictates that any imperfections that stand out negatively like a cracked shutter board or any peeling paint give a negative impression and lower the energy for your home.  Refresh the paint in the entrance room; tastefully arrange some vibrant plants in the entrance area and perhaps a vase of fresh cut flowers.  Add a beautiful piece of art work and be sure there is good lighting that creates a cheerful, uplifting impression.  Feng shui considers aromatherapy an important application.  If you haven’t applied aromatherapy, consider some delicate scent for the living area and/or the bathroom.  Cinnamon aroma is always good in the kitchen area.  Scents affect the primitive brain center in humans via the olfactory nerves and energetically can raise or lower chi or energy depending; you want as much positive, high energy impact as you can create.  Following feng shui dictates that the less personal things you have exposed the better; these have picked up your body energy and people will unconsciously sense these energies, giving them a subtle message that might put them off feeling that this house could be made theirs.

    Feng Shui, Emotions and Selling Your House

    In the final result, whatever assessments and subsequent feng shui adjustments you make for selling your house, one should keep in mind that you are selling an emotion rather than just a physical structure.  Remove all clutter (even in a storage closest or outside shed or garage).  Make the bedroom tasteful, peaceful and inviting.  The bathroom should be clean and uncluttered with a minimum of personal objects around.  Feng shui adjustments should create an energetic environment that gives a potential buyer the overall impression that live well in your home and easily make it theirs.  Using feng shui to sell your house is all about the energy your create.

    See also www.quantumfengshui.org

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    Feng Shui, Tesla, Mark Twain and Vibration

     Countering Negative Vibrations With Feng Shui

    Feng shui is practically a necessity for healthy survival in today’s world for we live in a sea of discordant energies.  We unknowingly experience a lot of negative entrainment; entrainment is the occurrence of sound waves locking into phase with each other creating resonance.  Cell phone transmissions, Wi-Fi, radio waves, television broadcasts, microwave emissions–these and more create a negative cacophony that can create raised blood pressure, heart rate and stress daily in our lives.  Applying feng shui to create a more harmonious vibrational influence can be the key to counteracting the negative impact of the discordant vibrations created by modern technology.

    Feng Shui, Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain

    The genius inventor Nikola Tesla was good friends with Mark Twain.  Tesla once invited Mark Twain to stand on a vibrating box he had made; Twain loved the physical sensation that the box produced on his internal organs and felt that it was wonderfully beneficial to his health.  His belief was accurate for many ancient people used sound vibration for health and healing.

    Feng Shui, Chinese Chi Gong and Vibrational Healing

    Both feng shui and chi gong have in common the use of sound for improving the human condition.  Chinese medicine believes that each of the internal organs have association with specific emotions, color and sound.  In fact there is a specific set called Six Sounds Healing; by toning certain sounds, a vibrational message is sent along the meridians to unlock blockages in an organ and also cleanse it of any toxins and/or blocked or stagnant chi.

    Feng Shui, Music and Sound As A Feng Shui Cure

    Dr. Jason Liu has created Acupuncture-Music Therapy; his arrangements create melodies that achieve acupuncture benefit without needles.  In a similar way I applied music in the traditional school setting.  My room was an In-School Support Room used to house students who were often angy and in some sort of trouble.  As a feng shui cure to calm frayed nerves, I kept a fountain at the doorway whose influence was the sound of falling water; I also played music in the background that consisted of either Native American flute, Kitaro, Mozart for the Mind and the sound of whales combined with classical music.  Since teenagers are often plugged in to fast, loud music that has the dominant element of Fire (from Five Element Theory in Chinese Medicine), the type of soft music I played was of the Water Element which helped to bring balance, vibrationally.  Research has shown that certain types of rock music can create muscle weakness and also cause decreased performance and hyperactivity as well as a loss of energy.  Feng shui worked wonders in this classroom.  Attention to the vibrational energies around you both at work and at home and applying feng shui to bring the sea of energy in which you live into balance is just one more way feng shui can be of daily benefit. 

    For more see www.quantumfengshui.org

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    Feng Shui and Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu

       The mistake beginners in both feng shui and practicing a martial art like traditional wing chun kung fu is to see them in only their physical aspects.

     Most think any martial art is just punching and kicking, and that for feng shui, you just move some things around and throw up some art work.  At a deeper level both rely on the manipulation of chi for the most beneficial final result.  Traditional wing chun is a Chinese martial art that teaches the cultivation of chi and the ability to apply this internal, unseen energy in an external physical way.  Just as wing chun teaches one to use intention to direct chi, so the Chinese earth science of feng shui is also based on the idea that the subtle energies of chi can be directed by using feng shui cures.

       Our physical environment consists of chi taking form in matter; this includes our bodies, so if we can influence chi, we can logically influence our bodies.  Even though chi cannot be grasped or seen or measured, it is especially tied into our mental and emotional states; science has created modern devices to detect it, especially at acupuncture points on the body.  These points function as antenna to pick up signals in the form of electromagnetic frequencies (chi) from our surroundings given off by both living and inanimate sources.  Thanks to the work of Dr. Phillip S. Callahan, we know that all living organisms have such antennas for gathering and sending information.

       It is through this organic antenna system (receptors for chi) that feng shui achieves its influence upon us.  Traditional wing chun bases its knowledge of chi on the ancient text the Nei Jing which states that the emotional life cannot be separated from the physical.  Indeed, it has been shown that acupuncture antenna points on the human body increase in area and become more receptive to signals through emotionality and/or our directed intention through our thoughts.  The acupuncture points have direct influence upon our hormonal system which in turn influences the health of our organs.  In this way the cures in feng shui are based on very real science; changing color in a room, the use of sound like falling water in a fountain or some other feng shui cure can have direct influence on our health through their unsuspected impact upon our emotional states.  In this way, our daily outlook on life changes for the better and our health improves because these feng shui cures and all others influence the flow of chi in our surroundings which then communicates directly with our bodies through the antennas of the acupuncture points ( of which there are hundreds).  These are the “hidden energies” behind feng shui (and also traditional wing chun) that make both vehicles for influencing our state of being for the better in a way that can ultimately bring us more success and prosperity, better health and more harmony in our lives.  (For more see www.quantumfengshui.org)

    Also see link: http://quantumfengshui.org/hidden-energies-press-testimonials.html

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    Feng Shui, Einstein and Quantum Feng Shui

       Feng shui influences us because it is all about energetic adjustments to our surroundings.  When we apply feng shui, we are working with hidden energies that exist in a universal continuum that permeates all things.   Feng shui influences our thoughts (which are energy patterns) and our thoughts and attendant emotions influence the energy flows in our bodies that determine our state of health.  Quantum feng shui refers to the universal energy field or ether out of which our physical reality is born.  Quantum physics hints that our bodies can be boiled down to a mass of charged particles that interacts with the subatomic particles of this universal energy field.  Quantum feng shui is the name given to the notion that an act of thinking or observing  influences these unseen particles to react in a certain way; thus, the energies behind feng shui are “hidden” from us yet are powerful in influencing our health and behavior.  When we apply feng shui, our intention which goes into changing placement of furniture, changing color in a room or some other cure, creates a coalescing of subatomic particles into some new type of temporary order in our physical world.  The effect upon us can be faster than the speed of light for contrary to Einstein’s absolute that nothing can move faster than the speed of light, the particles in the ether about which I am speaking do move faster than light–and quite possibly at speeds far beyond that contained in Einstein’s relativity theory (see Chapter 6 of Paul LaViolette’s Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion).  Such belief brings us to the world of the shaman or medicine man, which Western thinking regards as mere superstition.  Chief Crazy Horse holding his consciousness and intention to ride into bullets unhurt is not even but a step away from us applying feng shui cures daily in our lives and believing in them.  Applying feng shui sometimes is as simple as breaking away from age old convictions and concepts–shifting the paradigm and having an open mind.

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    Feng Shui,Hidden Energies and Perception

       Everything in the universe consists of vibrating energy but most are unaware of this.  Many people miss out on the true wonder of existence by limiting their perception to the five senses, believing that only the material world is real and that there is nothing beyond it but the fantasms of idle speculation.  Feng shui works precisely in the realm of the unseen.  Our bodies, the environment we live in, the objects in it, the other people around us, words, colors, sounds–everything–consists of subatomic particles winking in and out of existence at a rate so fast that our physical senses cannot percieve.  Each person has a personal frequency range or “vibe” that interacts with the vibrations of all other things that they encounter daily in their world.

       These frequencies, in whatever form they take, are the hidden energies behind the ancient earth science of feng shui that account for how its cures can actually have very real influence in our lives.  Unfortunately, many have a limited perception of the world that consists of a view that we are helpless creatures at the mercy of our surroundings with no power to compensate for the state of life about which we often pity ourselves.  There is a Chippewa saying that goes:

         Sometimes I go about pitying myself,

         And all the time

         I am being carried on great winds across the sky

    I like thinking about the “wind” of the “wind and water” definition of feng shui when I see this quote; feng shui holds the answer to empower us to change the “vibes” or frequencies in our everyday life, and when we open our minds to it, can be the means for helping us live a healthy and happier life–one full of wonder and if we allow it–joy.










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