Table of Contents of The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui


Chapter One: Opening Your Mind

Crazy Horse, Paradigm Shifting/Open Minds & Schools/Morphogenetic Fields

Chapter Two: Hidden Energies and Influences

Universal Energy/Chi/Yin-Yang/Five Element Theory/Acupuncture/Mental & Emotional States

Chapter Three: Color in Feng Shui

Frequency Spectrum/Photoelectric Effect & Pineal Gland/Meridians, Acupoints & Light/Healing & Light/Light in Food/Light, Color & Behavior in Schools/Dr. John Ott/Dinshah Ghadiali's Light Therapy/Energy Bodies & Chakras, Color Breathing/Healing Tree Colors

Chapter Four: Sound in Feng Shui

Vibratory Frequencies & Form/Entrainment/Nature's Frequencies/Sacred Words/Voice & Healing/Music/Hitler/Noise, Stress, Fatigue & Addictions/ Vibroacoustic Syndrome/Infrasound/A Cat's Purr/Sound Vibrations & Food

Chapter Five: Reflections Out of the Ordinary

Dr. Goodheart & Applied Kinesiology/Innate Body Intelligence/Negative Beliefs & Health/Cells As Organic Antenna/Personal & Heavenly Luck/Feng Shui, Magnetics, The Heart Field & DNA/Bioelectromagnetics, Chemical And Electrical Pollution, & Cell Phones/Healing By Frequency/The Hidden Energy Messages In Water

Chapter Six: Earth Energies

Terrestrial Feng Shui/Dragon Currents/Geomancy/Ley Lines/Sacred Geometry/Keely, Tesla, and Ledskalnin/Sound Levitation/White Tiger-Blue Dragon/Crop Circles/Koyaanisqatsi/Earth Energy Grid/Atlantis/Geopathic Stress/Dowsers/The Blue Race/Edgar Cayce/Meditation & The Quantum Field/Viktor Schauberger/Earth As Gaia/Schumann Resonance

Chapter Seven: Ions in Feng Shui

Interconnectedness of Ions, Plant, and Aromatics/Etheric Sheath/Tai Chi & Qigong/Intention/Yin & Yang of Ions & Acupoints/Ley Lines, Vortexes & Ions/Vitamins In The Air/Hydroxyls/Posion Effects/Witches Winds/Moon Effects/Serotonin Poisoning/Negions/Electro-Ionic Micro-Climates/ Unhealthy Modern Structures & Materials/Tobacco Smoke & Ions/Posions & Central Heating & Air Conditioning/Ion Generators/Other Negion Sources/Negions & Blood PH/Alternate Nostril Breathing & Ions/Downside of Milk/Torus Heart Field/Ionic Messages & Mother Nature

Chapter Eight: Use of Plants in Feng Shui

Luther Burbank/Crop Circles & Plants/Ions & Plants/Plant Types & Five Element Theory/Gardens/Samuel Hahnmann/Edward Bach/Findhorn/ Natureture Spirits/Clay Singing/Plant Consciousness/Chandra Bose/Cleve Backster/Marcel Vogel/Tree Hugging/C.W. Leadbeater, Trees & Chi/Trees & Hidden Energies/Absorbing Negative Energy/Weeds/Nutrition & Feng Shui/Microwaving Hazards/Plant Food, Light Energy & Feng Shui Sensitivity

Chapter Nine: Aromatherapy in Feng Shui

History/Olfactory Sense/Electromagnetics & Plant Oils/Bio-Electric Properties/Sha Chi & Oils/Emotions & Aromatherapy Yin-Yang & Five Elements/Tree Odors/Subtle Bodies & Aroma/Rain Drop Therapy/ Shushumna, Ida, & Pingala/Incense, Smudging & Space Clearing/Illness & Sympathetic Resonance/Good Fortune & Properity

As you can see from this table of contents, The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui delves into both the scientific and the esoteric to present the reader with a depth of understanding and a broader view than any book on feng shui heretofore written. Its revelations about how we interact with the hidden energies of the subatomic particle field during feng shui applications place this book in a category of its own.

The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui presents feng shui as an ancient earth science that works with what the Chinese call chi or qi—a broad term for a universal energy that flows through our bodies and exists in everything around us. So in using feng shui, sound, color, placement, scent, shape, and our mind and emotions all come into play for all of these influence the flow and the quality of chi; in return, chi when coaxed to flow in a harmonious way, will positively affect the health of our bodies, the state of our emotions, our mental equilibrium, our prosperity, our relations with others and the environments in which we live and work.

The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui also gives the reader access to a much broader view of the earth upon which we live and with which we interact. Chi is also presented as currents of earth energy to which dowsers react and which the ancient Chinese understood as “Dragon currents” which could be manipulated by the placement of rocks and pagodas and other landscape features to create a balance of Yin and Yang energy to make their cities flourish and their crops produce abundance. In more modern times, wizards like Nikola Tesla understood these energies and created science that held the possibility for planet wide free energy. The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui provides an in depth look at these subjects and more with a logic and an abundance of research that will be sure to intrigue.

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