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This page will be updated with any press releases, media coverage, and testimonials regarding The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui, the first book to describe the subtle energies behind the practice that actually make feng shui a very real spiritual technology.

The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui in the Media

I hope that your book becomes popular because it is a treasure chest of information and one of the most in-depth books on feng shui that I've every read...Thanks for sharing all that information with the community and letting us become a part of it.

editor Steve Rhodes, Qi Journal; March, 2012

And finally, we continue our series on "The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui" by James Frank Loretta with our 4th part (chapter 5 of the book) dealing with reflections and energies. I don't know about you , but the more I read, the deeper and more intriguing it becomes. This book has a depth of research and logic that is seldom found in Feng Shui books here in the West.

editor Steve Rhodes, Qi Journal; Winter 2010-2011

Testimonials about The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui

Much thanks and support for your beautiful work. For long have I been looking for such a book. I wish you all the best James.

Cyril Gogo, France

This is a great read for people who truly want to understand the world around them and get back to their own nature. Modern life cheats us out of our own humanity and spirituality, this book helps us get back to that place. Well worth the 10 bucks!

Joseph Kozlowski, review


I have just read your book "The Hidden Energies behind Feng Shui", the most amazing book, so much, so interesting, I loved it, very special, a new world of energies, I knew so little about!

Joy Scheepers, South Africa


The tranquility and protection sprays have proven to be valuable resources to balance and uplift energies for person and space.  I personally use these sprays regularly.  And recommend to clients as a simple and highly effective way to relieve stress, support mental clarity and just 'feel good' wherever and whenever needed.

Melani Lewandowski, M.S. Professional Feng Shui Consultant & Designer



















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