Atlantis, Feng Shui, and Crystal Energy

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Chapter Six of The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui presents some intriguing information regarding earth energies. Dowsing is discussed for discovering and curing geopathic stress, and a larger appreciation is developed for the use of crystals in chan- neling energy both now and in the past. The legends of Atlantis and the use of a world-wide energy grid by its inhabitants are expounded upon, and the ground breaking work of Tesla, Keely, Ledskalnin, Edgar Cayce and Viktor Schauberger are discussed.

So that you may get an idea of the type of content offered in The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui, an excerpt from Chapter Six: Earth Energies is here provided:


...harnessing and balancing the hidden geomagnetic energies made it a type of huge geomantic tool. The ancient time was the golden age of Atlantis. The scientists of this island continent detected and mapped the raw dragon currents and groomed them into ley lines that followed the most fortuitous balanced energy routes around the planet. The structure of the grid was crystalline. It formed a series of octahedrons and dodecahedrons like those found in diamonds, crystallized metals and other gems. The legends of Atlantean crystals being used for healing and channeling grid energy comes from the fact that crystals emit a complex electromagnetic field. They have a consciousness (as do all things) and can amplify the human energy field. As a result, they were used for healing and the rejuvenation of cells (thus the stories of ancients living a much longer life span than we now do). In feng shui, a hanging crystal, especially one of quartz, has the ability to alter any unhealthy waves of energy, curing them into good ones. Power nodes or vortices and sacred sites emit electromagnetic fields also in a crystalline pattern. They therefore have the same energetic properties of crystals and can receive, transmit and store energy.(39) Toning, chanting, singing, drumming, and other use of sound at sacred sites (which were often places where ancient temples and later churches were placed) combined with intention influenced the hidden energy flows of the ley lines. It is probable that the sounds used were of a higher level like those of the "lost" Solfeggio chants of the Catholic Church. The Solfeggio musical scale "held mathematical resonance, frequencies capable of spiritually inspiring mankind to be more 'Godlike.'"(40) They inspired high matrices of thought and intuitiveness, and they promoted physical well being probably by their impact on DNA (The "C" of Solfeggio scale vibrates at 528 Hz; that is the frequency modern geneticists are currently using to repair broken DNA). In Atlantis, there were men and women who combined their scientific laws with the energy of the divine to create a spiritual science and were looked upon as Scientist-Priests. They used their crystals to amplify and refine crysto-electrical frequencies for transport, communication, stimulation of crop growth, power for homes and enhancement of the tranquility and the well-being of their temple sites and sacred vortices. When Atlantis was destroyed, remnants of its knowledge was kept alive by the Druids who were reknowned for their knowledge of the universe and "magical" skills. Others, like the medieval Freemasons, used sacred geometry to build cathedrals capable of amplifying the ley energy along whose lines they were sited.(41) In these modern times, the once great energy grid of Atlantean times lies broken and fragmented. There is speculation that the strange disappearance of ships and planes in what are called Devil's Triangles can be attributed to vortices of this once great grid still at work but uncontrolled. In powerful vortex areas like Sedona, Arizona the natural red rock temples are overrun with million-dollar homes, a shopping district and expensive getaways. Its earth energies have been disrupted. Likewise, settlement and agriculture destroyed many of the mounds and earthworks of the Midwest United States that were keys to the once-vibrant ancient energy system. So it has gone across the planet as modern building and the search for raw materials has led us to tear up the earthly terrain without regard for the ancient patterns of invisible energy established long ago. The raw energy of the dragon currents still circumnavigate the planet but the knowledge of grooming them into ley lines is lost, waiting to be resurrected. Without such knowledge, we have fallen victim to an increase in diseases such as cancer, the cause of which is often due to geopathic stress according to dowsing experts .

Natural healers have noticed a relationship between diseases such as cancer and the "location of houses placed above lines of earth current which have become sour, known as black streams."(42) These are earth's meridians that have become polluted or stagnant, carrying a flow of negative energy that causes what has been termed geopathic stress. Just as the meridians of our body can have an excess of energy or a condition where the chi is stagnant and deficient, so the electromagnetic currents of the earth can go out of balance due to outside influences. In olden times, the balanced energy grid of the planet was universal, and would have prevented this from manifesting, but our lack of awareness in this regard has left our modern living spaces open to innumerable imbalances in the earth energies. From a feng shui point of view, black streams are the element of water out of control. Perhaps the best study of this was carried out in 1929 by Baron Gustav Freiherr von Pohl who investigated a village that had a high incidence of cancer deaths:

...many cases of human illness and disease in animals, plant and trees were

related to underground fissures and streams of water emitting energy ver-

tically to the surface... the velocity of the water was the most important factor

in the strength of this disease-inducing energy. Further, he discovered that

unusually high levels of natural electric currents occurred where underground

water fissures crossed at different levels. He found them to be more powerful

during the night when the earth de-magnetized itself, and also the waxing and

full Moon.(43)

People find it strange that in feng shui, moving a bed is sometimes recommended for improving romance, the relationship aspect of your life or for better sleep or health reasons. In some instances, it may not just be about changing the energy in the bedroom but about adjusting for geopathic stress. Validation for this comes from the work of Austrian teacher Kathe Bacler, who believed that children having behavior and learning difficulties in school were impaired by imbalanced earth energies in their bedrooms. She noted that an Austrian dowser with fifty years of experience in geopathic stress "had noticed that 'pushing water' (that is an underground stream which flows from the feet to the head when a person is lying in bed) causes congestion of blood in the head, nightmares and depression." She also found the opposite, that "'pulling water' running from the head to the feet, can cause dizziness, blackouts, loss of balance and fainting."(44) Dowsing should be accepted as important tool in feng shui. Even though it is looked upon with skepticism by conventional science, nonetheless, it works. Also known as water diviners, dowsers using nothing more than a y-shaped twig or and L-shaped wire are able to follow energies and have been known to pinpoint diseases, find lost pets and people and locate oil and mineral deposits as well as faults in electric cables and pipes. With regard to ley lines, dowsers have noted some interesting characteristics:

Dowsers who have experimented with ley lines have found that many double in width

at sunrise and sunset, and fluctuate during phases of the moon and at changes of the

seasons. The energy is most intense at noon on the full moon, but quiets down just

before sunset. The energy has been known to reverse direction at times.(45)

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