Feng Shui and the Hidden Energies of the Quantum Field

This site is dedicated to those who wish to understand the hidden workings of feng shui. The new book The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui is the gateway for this understanding. It is about the energy known as chi and how we manipulate it when we practice the ancient earth science of feng shui.

Physicists coined the use of the word quantum (from Latin quantus for “how great”) to describe the smallest amount of something that can exist. They have determined that the smallest particles are subatomic and exist throughout the Universe as a collection of energy in the form of virtual particles. It is these particles that we influence when we practice feng shui; the things we consider to be real in our living spaces and work places are really nothing more than virtual particles of the quantum field emerging briefly and then disappearing back into the universal field of quantum energy. In effect, our reality is winking in and out of existence continuously but so fast that we do not notice. This is where classical physics and quantum physics differ: in classical physics, the observer is separate from whatever is going on, but in quantum physics, the very act of observing by the observer influences the hidden particles of energy (quantum subatomic particles) to react in a certain way. This validates what Eastern mystics have held for centuries: nothing really exists independently of our own perception of it.

It is our perception and our intention created through our thoughts and emotions that interact with the subatomic hidden energies of the quantum field to manifest the real results we experience when we practice feng shui. The chi of our body interacts with the chi of objects and living things in our surroundings through the hidden quantum particle field; form, color, placement, aroma, sound—all of these are elements of feng shui adjustment that influence our health, our relationships, our homes, our workplaces, and even our prosperity. The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui explains all of this and more. It will give any reader an interesting and unusual detailed explanation of how feng shui functions as a very real ancient earth science that can create very real improvements in our lives through our interaction with the hidden quantum field of energy that surrounds us.









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